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Pemuteran: Location

As an advocate of sustainable tourism the resort's management supports the protection and conservation of the traditions and original ways of life inBali. In addition, together with the village community of Pemuteran, many social benefits have been agreed upon, later joined by the few other resorts in that region. Thus, for example, the snorkeling at the local beach is being responsibly organized by the residents of the village. The revenue is available for the whole village community. The same applies to all transfers and day-tours booked through the Pondok Sari Resort - (Pemuteran Driver Organization)

About 90% of the hotel staff are from the village.

In contrast to the south of Bali you are undisturbed on the beach, there is for example no sellers on the beach.

The project: "Artificial reef" just before the beach, was initiated by the resorts, dive schools and the community of Pemuteran. Metal lattice structures of different forms were installed in the water five to seven meters deep. A very low and therefore safe low-voltage current promotes the enormous acceleration of stony corals settling on the metal bars.

For the core of the reefs and for the construction of an underwater temple, the temple gardeners were set up. New jobs for the fishermen were created.

(You can see more pictures under 'Galleries: Reef Project' on this topic)


During the approximately three and a half-hour drive from the airport in Denpasar to the Pondok Sari Beach Resort & Spa passing lush nature, beautiful rice fields, old temples, colorful street shops and small villages - you get your first unforgettable impressions of the scenic beauty and cultural diversity of Bali.

At the resort you are welcomed in an antique wooden hall originating from the neighboring island of Java. A jewel of this building is the lavishly carved wooden ceiling. Passing three lotus ponds the way leads from the reception to the restaurant where a refreshing welcome cocktail, prepared from fresh tropical fruits, is awaiting you.

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