Dive site: Sandy Slope - Nusa Menjangan

Time to destination: 40min
Difficulty: 1 to 2
Current: little to medium
Tips: a dive spot for filigree underwater life as well as for big stuff

Sandy Slope: as the name suggests, besides drop-offs and steep walls there are mainly sandy slopes, with lots of blocks of coral rounding up the picture. Especially in the sandy areas there is an enormous diversity of small life forms such as flatworms, small crustaceans, moray eels, etc. Here too, it is always worthwhile taking a look out into blue water. Sharks, barracudas, shoals of mackerels and fusiliers often pass by.

There is a good chance of seeing larger sea creatures such as sharks, barracudas, napoleon fish, eagle rays, shoals of mackerels, tuna. You are also guaranteed to find all possible kinds of the more delicate under water life forms such as flat worms, crustaceans, glass fish, moray eels, muscles…