Dive site: Peti Reef - Nusa Menjangan

Time to destination: 40min
Difficulty: 2 to 3
Current: little to medium
Tips: easy and relaxed drift dive

Peti Reef. The description of the diving site is the same as the description of Anchor Wreck. This is a beautiful diving spot with steep drop-offs and walls. As well as a superb growth of corals there is also an abundance of small life forms such as sea slugs, small crustaceans, moray eels, etc. It is also always worthwhile taking a look out into blue water here. Sharks, barracudas, shoals of mackerels and fusiliers are not uncommon.

The chances are good here of seeing the larger sea creatures such as sharks, barracudas, napoleon fish, eagle rays, shoals of mackerel, tuna. That the more delicate sea creatures can be found here is guaranteed e.g. sea slugs, small crustaceans, glass fish, moray eels, muscles…