Dive site: Kebun Batu - Bali West

Time to destination: 0min
Difficulty: 0
Current: none
Tips: artificial reef, very interesting for night dives

Kebun Batu or Rock Garden is located in the next bay and is in front of the Karang Lestari coral project. The Rock itself rises from a sandy bottom no deeper than 18mtrs as a pinnacle or coral with a flat top at the 4mtr mark. The base of the rock on the shore side rises in a small coral mound to 8mtrs. The surrounding sand slopes gently up to the beach. The rock itself is an interesting dive during the day offering a lot of critters and small fish. But it really comes alive during the night.

Karang Lestari is an award winning artificial reef project which stimulates coral growth on manmade metal structures using electricity. The process can stimulate coral growth by up to eight times the normal rate, plus producing a healthier and stronger colony better able to resist increased water temperatures. The frames also make for nursing grounds for fish
Good snorkelling location

Proyek Pinyu is the local turtle project. Turtles are regular guests at Matahari Beach Resort & Spa usually checking in for one night on the beach where they lay their eggs before checking out again. Here at David's Dive Sport along with the local turtle project collect the eggs ready to be transported to a safe place where they can grow unmolested. Turtles and their eggs are regarded as a delicacy in Bali, though illegal nests are regularly plundered and turtles taken for meat and religious sacrifice.
Please help stop the illegal trade in wildlife by not buying turtle products or anything taken from the wild.