Dive site: Napoleon Reef - Bali West

Time to destination: 10min
Difficulty: 0 to 3
Current: weak to medium
Tips: promises interesting night dives

Napoleon; again two kilometres offshore, a flat topped gently sloping reef but with a small wall on one side, depth range same as Close Encounters. Hit the hardest by El Nino, Napoleon has shown a tremendous amount of recovery and is again home to a healthy variety of coral and marine life. The soft coral garden towards the west is particularly pretty; offering a nice range of gorgonians. The deep end Napoleon offers the usual and unusual fish from Close Encounters plus a better chance of rays and cuttlefish. Napoleon is also one of our regular night dive spot, offering a wide variety of night critters plus cat shark. Good snorkelling location.

Marine Life: usual, snapper, trevally, batfish, sweet lips, angelfish, blue spotted Rays, squid and fusiliers.
Unusual stuff: frogfish, crocodile fish, pipefish, many interesting Nude branches, scorpion fish, Octopus and leaf scorpions.
Occasional stuff: Shark, Bump head Parrotfish and Eagle Rays (more chance of seeing Cuttlefish)