Dive site: Deep Reef - Bali West

Time to destination: 10min
Difficulty: 2 to 4
Current: weak to medium
Tips: lots of swarm fish and big coral fields

Deep Reef; With the GPS as our only reference we drop into the open blue ocean before seeing the reef rising to meet you at the twenty metre mark. Bottoming out at the 40-50mtr mark with the shallowest point at 13mtr, this reef lives up to ist name. Plenty of dense coral formation on this pristine little reef makes for a fun blue water rush.

Marine Life: usual, snapper, trevally, batfish, sweetlips, angelfish and fusiliers.
Unusual stuff: frogfish, crocodilefish, pipefish, many interesting nudis, scorpionfish, and octopus.
Occasional stuff: shark, bumphead parrotfish and rays.