Dive site: Tankad Jaran - Bali West

Time to destination: 5min
Difficulty: 0
Current: non to weak
Tips: under water wreck Parcours

Tankad Jaran is the name of our newest diving spot. It is located between Pura Tembok and Close Encounters. Translated, Tankad Jaran means “Ships Graveyard”. Together with a neighbouring diving centre, our diving centre manager “Düde” has spent the past few week sinking a total of 5 old ships here. The ships lie at depths between 14 and 17m. More ships are planned, so that in the foreseeable future a type of under water wrack course will evolve. It is planned to supply a weak current from a type of fibreglass pontoon similar to that on our artificial reef, to stimulate the coral growth. A few beautiful red fire fish have already moved in to this diving spot.