Dive site: Anchor Wreck - Nusa Menjangan

Time to destination: 45min
Difficulty: 2 to 3
Current: little to medium
Tips: Wreck Dive, big fish

Anchor Wreck; Named after the anchor sitting in 5mtrs of water at the top of the reef, this is the starting point for three dives depending on which way the current is running or if you want to look at the wreck itself.

The back of Menjangan from here till Post III is all very similar. Looking out towards Java and the tip of Bali it offers a beautiful variety of steep slope and wall. All dropping into the blue and backed by open Ocean. Excellent coral cover, many fish, turtle, shark and critters. Everything you'd expect of a coral reef in a tropical paradise. Currents generally run along the back here in one direction or the over, the dive always takes the easy route getting picked up at the end. Currents can run strong here and like most drift dives you should stay close to the reef and watch your depths. In the summer the back of the island is also the best place to get out of the winds that come up from the south and make for choppy/rough conditions in the afternoons. This is common July through August.

Anchor wreck itself seems to be an unknown 19th century trading vessel, possibly a slaver that ran into trouble and anchored at Menjangan for protection and promptly sank. Following the anchor chain down brings you to a mast at about the 30mtr mark and continues bows to stern out to sea. The far end lies in 46mtrs of water, not for the faint hearted or ill experienced. It is never the less an interesting one off, sharks inhabit the lower reaches and are often seen. The contents of the wreck were copper sheeting and bottles of Arak by the look of it. Most of the bottles are gone now, taken by guides or guests. This is unfortunately the problem at many wreck sites throughout the world. Better to take only pictures and leave only bubbles, as the saying goes. So the rest of us can enjoy diving here in the future.