Dive site: Mangrove - Nusa Menjangan

Time to destination: 45min
Difficulty: 2 to 3
Current: little to medium
Tips: beautiful wall

Mangrove describes a diving spot which consists of a drop-off with lots of small crevices starting at a depth of 5m and going down to 28m in parts. Plenty of hard and soft corals as well as numerous fan corals dominate the landscape. In the corals there are extremely large numbers of small life forms to be found. Small crustaceans, which blend in perfectly with their surroundings, various types of flatworms, moray eels, frog and leaf fish and lots, lots more. Turtles also search for food here often.

Besides the life forms already mentioned above, such as flatworms and diverse species of crustacean, we also find the typical Balinese fish species here. Turtles, sharks, eagle rays, tuna and shoals of fusiliers can also be observed here often.