Dive site: Secret Bay (Gilimanuk Bay) - Bali West

Time to destination: 50min
Difficulty: 0 to 2
Current: non to little
Tips: This Dive spot is a must for photographers

Secret Bay (or Gilimanuk Bay); Over the last couple of years this site has become a bit of a legend in the diving community, second only the world renowned twilight zone of Ambon, this is critter heaven. A muck dive, really only for the macro enthusiast. This mangrove lined bay 40 minutes drive from the hotel offers many rare and wonderful small things (critters). Not much coral, cool water and shallow generally maxing out at 12mtrs, at a push.

Marine Life; this is the home to seahorses, a variety of ghost pipefish, dragonet, nudis galore, mantis shrimp and many more. (Watch out for the snakesJ)
An absolute must for any diver with a camera, lots of film and a macro lens.