Dive site: Eel Garden - Nusa Menjangan

Time to destination: 45min
Difficulty: 2 to 4
Current: medium
Tips: lots of big fish, similar to an aquarium

On the outer north of the Lagoon is the start of the Eel Garden Dive. Running along a steep wall dropping into open Ocean this can be one of the best dives around Menjangan. As you head along the wall towards the channel, the top of the reef gently slopes down to meet you as you drift along and into the channel. Strong currents are prevalent here making it a good hangout for big fish, Grouper, Napoleon, large shoals of Trevally and Shark all like to hang around here when the current is running. As the reef comes down to meet you at 20+mtrs you have two choices. You can either turn in and left, which will bring you into Blue Lagoon or continue on into the Eel Garden itself. Left is where we usually find the Pygmy Seahorse's, following a coral slope on your left side, the right side disappears into a long sandy plateau as you move on into the Lagoon you will have to run the gauntlet of triggerfish alley. A sandy valley populated by titan and yellow margin triggerfish. You have been warned.
Continuing along the wall as the sand comes up to meet you brings you to a small coral mound that swings round to a sand ridge. This ridge is the garden itself, home to hundreds of garden eels who all rise up to greet the current. This is the entrance to the channel between Menjangan and Bali, this is where you'll find the bigger fish when the current is running. Swimming up the ridge brings you to 16mtrs and midway up a small hill populated by many corals, fish and shrimp. Take the right side your going through the channel itself, left will take you around the outer edge of the lagoon. If you come to the top of this small hill you'll find a beautiful coral garden, which if the currents are running too strong is where you may end up hiding till it's time for safety stops.

On good days you drift around the hill and on into the Aquarium, which is the only way to describe this place. White sandy channels running through clumps of corals, soft, hard, fans, tables, sponges and fish galore. All in the 12m range.